Individual Learning Primary Math Kit

This kit is designed with the Grade 1-3 learner in mind. Containing individual sets of age-appropriate math items to provide hours of math instruction. Included in this set are an individual set of: US money, including a money mat, set of base 10 and base ten mat, ten frames set, geometric solids, Venn Diagram, mini set of Deci-rods (relational rods), tangrams, pattern blocks, hundreds board, two-color counters, Color Tiles, Linking cubes and various dice. Complete with over 60 age-appropriate math tasks.  Suitable for additional teaching lessons or a return to individual Student learning.  Supports a potential hybrid learning model of math instruction for a return to school following lockdown (Brick to Click or Click to Brick).  Packaged in a reusable bag, these individual student learning kits reinforce a sanitary, no sharing policy to help minimize the potential risk of virus transmission.  Only available for customers in the USA.

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