Individual Learning Early Years Math Kit

This kit is designed with the PreK-Kindergarten learner in mind. Containing individual sets of age-appropriate math items to provide hours of math instruction. Included in this set are an individual set of Color Tiles, Rekenrek, wood pattern blocks, set of US coins, number line, Linking cubes, geometric solids, tangrams, 10 frames with counters, hundreds board, mini set of Deci-rods (relational rods), pentominoes and various dice. Complete with over 60 age-appropriate math tasks.  Suitable for additional teaching lessons or a return to individual Student learning.  Supports a potential hybrid learning model of math instruction for a return to school following lockdown (Brick to Click or Click to Brick).  Packaged in a reusable bag, these individual student learning kits reinforce a sanitary, no sharing policy to help minimize the potential risk of virus transmission.  Only available for customers in the USA.   

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SI ManufacturingSKU: 95715

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