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Bingo Chips -Set of 100 Bingo Chips -Set of 100
Colorful transparent bingo chips with a steel rim to pick them up with a magnet. ¾" (2cm). Set of 100. Magnetic wands not included.
Magnetic Wand with Chips Magnetic Wand with Chips
Includes one plastic encased magnetic wand with 100 ¾" (2cm) metal rimmed transparent chips.
Magnetic Wand Magnetic Wand
These strong magnets are encased in plastic to form an easy to hold handle. 7 5/8" (19.4cm) long. Assorted colors. Chips not included.
Super Magnet Super Magnet
Tough color-coded outer mouldings (red-north, blue-south). Allows children to safetly experience first hand the force of neodymium - currently the world's strongest permanent magnet!
First Experiments Magnetism Kit First Experiments Magnetism Kit
Kit contains 4 wands, 20 magnetic marbles, 2 plastic cased magnets, a super magnet, set of floating ring magnets, large horseshoe magnet and a compass magnet. Includes 15 experiments on reproducible worksheets with curriculum references...
Magnet Resource Kit Magnet Resource Kit
This convenient classroom kit contains 35 weak and strong magnets in bar, rod, disc, and horseshoe form, a magnetic strip, 4 compasses, 225 g of iron filings, and a piece of lodestone. Teacher’s notes are included, with suggestions for...
Super Horseshoe Magnet -Each Super Horseshoe Magnet -Each
Large enough for small hands to grasp with ease. Measures 7" x 9".
Iron Filings in Plastic Bubble Iron Filings in Plastic Bubble
A small amount of iron filings encased in a plastic bubble to demonstrate magnetic fields. Grades 6 +.
Iron Filings in Plastic Bubble -Set of 5 Iron Filings in Plastic Bubble -Set of 5
A small amount of iron filings encased in a plastic bubble to demonstrate magnetic fields. Grades 6 +.
Magnetism Kit Magnetism Kit
Selection of magnets and materials, assembled in plastic tray with cardboard sleeve. Includes Alnico bars, Alnico button magnets, ferrite blocks & rings, chrome steel horsehoe magnet, Alnico horsehoe magnet, colored squares of magnetic...
Magnetic Field Pattern Window -Transparent Magnetic Field Pattern Window -Transparent
A white frame with transparent window containing magnetic powder in a water based solution for showing magnetic field patterns. When a magnet is present the particles of iron inside become slightly magnetized, so they attract each other...