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Counting Tray with Tiles Counting Tray with Tiles
This colorful counting tray makes it easy to teach odd, even numbers and multiplication. This set includes 120 foam counting tiles (2 x 2cm) in orange and green with double sided number printing in black and white. Tray measures 10" x...
Hundreds Pocket Chart Hundreds Pocket Chart
Heavy-duty, vinyl chart with 100 clear plastic pockets. Holds easy-to-handle 2" x 2" numbered pieces 0-100 plus equation symbols (included) in both red and black. Grommeted holes for hanging. Chart measures 26" x 27.5".
Hundreds Numbered Cards Hundreds Numbered Cards
Replacement Cards (2 sets: 1 red, 1 black)
Hundreds Boards Set Hundreds Boards Set
Plastic-coated cardboard. Two-sided hundreds boards (12" x 11") with 1" number squares. The complete set comes with 10 boards, 100 numbered and 25 blank plastic tiles, and a teacher's guide from the SI Resource Series.
Hundreds Boards Only -Set of 10 Hundreds Boards Only -Set of 10
10 Boards Only
Foam Factor Tiles Foam Factor Tiles
Factor tiles will aid students in practicing their multiplication up to 12, learning the meaning of prime numbers, understanding factors and creating factor diagrams. Perfect for quiet group learning. 149 color-coded foam pieces. Largest...
POD Hundreds Boards Book POD Hundreds Boards Book
Teacher's Guide only. Hundreds board not included.
Multiplier Boards -Set of 5 Multiplier Boards -Set of 5
Use this Multiplier Board to model multiplication, to represent fractions and as the basis for the area formula. The Multiplier Board quickly and clearly illustrates that an array with 6 rows and 7 squares in each row, has the same...
Multiplication Grid/Table -Set of 10 Multiplication Grid/Table -Set of 10
Use this double sided chart/grid to motivate young minds into learning their times tables 1 thru 12. Laminated so that it can be used with dry-erase markers. Set of 10. Grades K-3.
Simple Solution Hundred Board Tiles Simple Solution Hundred Board Tiles
125 plastic 1" tiles (numbers 1-100 and 25 blank) in container with snapping lid.
Skip Counting Wheel Skip Counting Wheel
This 8” (20cm dia.) wooden skip counting wheel is designed to create a hands-on learning experience that integrates math with visual representation. This tactile device teaches hand-eye coordination and dexterity. The wheel can be used...
POD Hundreds Boards Book - French POD Hundreds Boards Book - French
Teacher's Guide only. Hundreds board not included. French version