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Linking Lacing Play Boards Linking Lacing Play Boards
A fun way to develop fine motor, patterning and counting skills, as well as hand-eye coordination. Just pick a string, thread the pen, and "punch and pull" the pen from hole to hole, leaving the laces behind to create a colorful picture....
Lacing Buttons Lacing Buttons
Big buttons with 1-5 holes for stringing games. Buttons have both number and braille representations in relief. Includes 140 buttons, 10 laces and activity cards. Ages 3-6.
Lacing Balls 1 inch Lacing Balls 1 inch
Set of 100 solid plastic balls in 4 colors comes with ten 1 m laces and a collection of activity cards for learning about patterns, linking and classification. Ages 3-6.
Stringing Lacing Shapes Set Stringing Lacing Shapes Set
Included are 5 different shapes (60 pieces total), 10 braided laces (3.28 ft long) and a collection of 24 cards with different sequencing illustrations, classifications, and linking exercises.
Linking Figures Linking Figures
Sets of 1.8"/4.5 cm colorful shapes for lacing and classifying. Sets include 8 different figures, 10 laces and activity cards. Ages 3-6.
Complete Giant Pegboard Set Complete Giant Pegboard Set
Perfect for small hands, these large pegs are easy to handle and affix to the pegboards. 4 assorted shapes come in 4 primary colors. Provides lots of fun matching the pegs to the patterns. Includes 64 pegs and durable plastic board (15"...