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Double Ended Modeling Tools Double Ended Modeling Tools
Easy to hold chunky modeling tools. Each has a tool on each end giving 6 possible tools to use in modeling or painting.
Dough Plungers Dough Plungers
Create patterned ropes out of modeling dough. Three different styles: dots, flower and triangle.
Flat Dough Wheels Flat Dough Wheels
Cut dough with ease. Angled handle makes sure hands do not hit into the dough. 7.3" (18.5cm) long. Assorted colors.
Frilled Dough Wheels Frilled Dough Wheels
Add a textured cut with frilled dough wheels. 7.3" (18.5cm) long. Assorted colors.
Wooden Dough Stampers Wooden Dough Stampers
Wooden stamps with a handle. Four different designs. 4.3" (11cm) long.
Plastic Rolling Pin Plastic Rolling Pin
8.3" (21cm) long.
Wooden Dough Tool Set Wooden Dough Tool Set
Three rockers, 3 rollers, 2 pattern wheels and 4 design tools.
Wooden Dough Hammers Wooden Dough Hammers
Classic wooden dough hammers. Each side of the hammers has a different design. 4.7" (12cm).
Single Handle Roller Single Handle Roller
Use just one hand to roll out modeling dough. Roller is 2.6" (6.6cm) wide.
Dough Scissors Dough Scissors
A pair of dough scissors ideal for cutting dough and paper
Dough Cutter Set Dough Cutter Set
4 giant bug themed, 6 fruit and 6 vegetable, 6 farm and 6 jungle animals and 6 Christmas themed cutters. 34 pieces.