Force Meters


The unique design of the Force Meter / Spring Balance means that they not only weigh suspended objects but in addition, using the extended rod, can also measure the force of pushing or pulling an object. They are color coded, calibrated in grams and Newtons and have a clear flat area on the rod so you can, using a dry wipe marker, create your own scales. An instruction and ideas sheet is included.

39690 - 2.5 N/ 250 G (blue)

39691 - 5 N/ 500 G (green)

39692 - 10 N/ 1 KG (beige)

39693 - 20 N/ 2 KG (red)

39694 - 30 N/ 3 KG (white)

39695 - 50 N/ 5 KG (yellow)

  • Product Code : 39695Force Meter 5kg
  • Product Code : 39694Force Meter 3kg
  • Product Code : 39693Force Meter 2kg
  • Product Code : 39692Force Meter 1kg
  • Product Code : 39691Force Meter 500g
  • Product Code : 39690Force Meter 250g

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