CaddyStack™ Geoblocks


A complete set of 330 Geoblocks and a teacher’s guide from the SI Resource Series, all packaged in a durable CaddyStack™ with translucent snap lid.


  • Product Code : 20806Teacher’s Guide Only
  • Product Code : 20693Set

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Relationship Solids

Relationship Solids

Ideal tools to explore shapes, sizes and the relationships between area and volume. Explore and compare volume using any wet or dry material. Removable base and stopper for easy filling. 15 piece set.

Opaque  Geo-solids, set of 40

Opaque Geo-solids, set of 40

These 1” (2.5cm) geo-solids come with 10 different shapes (sphere, hemisphere, cone, triangular prism, rectangular prism, cube, hexagonal prism, triangular pyramid, square pyramid and cylinder) in 4 bright colors. Grades K+.

Dissectible Cone

Dissectible Cone

The conic sections are clearly visualized with the aid of this 9"' x 6"' cone.