Wooden Geometric Solids: Advanced Set of 19


In addition to the 15 solids in the elementary set, this set includes the octagonal, hexagonal, pentagonal, and rectangular pyramids. Rectangle is 75 x 25 mm. Grade K+

  • Product Code : 11866Set

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Geoblocks are rectangular and triangular prisms made of hardwood used to teach volume, area of rectangles, triangles and parallelograms, classi?cation and equivalent fractions, as well as 3-D geometry. Geoblocks can be very effective in terms of group dynamics and problem-solving activities.


Protractor 4

Protractor 4" Transparent Orange

This 4", 180 degree protractor comes with a slotted separation. Lower scale reads the right-opening angles and the upper scale reads the left-opening angles. Made of durable plastic.

Reflect-View: Geometry with a Transparent Mirror Book

Reflect-View: Geometry with a Transparent Mirror Book

48 page activity guides covering a variety of geometry topics. Solutions, extensive glossary and blackline masters included