15.7" / 40 cm Dolls


Vinyls dolls with sewn-on hair and well-defined features. Articulated head and limbs. Can be washed and bathed. For ages 3-6.

M31051 Caucasian Boy 

M31052 Caucasian Girl

M31053 African Boy 

M31054 African Girl 

M31055 Asian Boy 

M31056 Asian Girl 

M31057 Hispanic Boy 

M31058 Hispanic Girl 

  • Product Code : M31058Hispanic Girl
  • Product Code : M31057Hispanic Boy
  • Product Code : M31056Asian Gir
  • Product Code : M31055Asian Boy
  • Product Code : M31054African Girl
  • Product Code : M31053African Boy
  • Product Code : M31052Caucasian Girl
  • Product Code : M31051Caucasian Boy

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