US School Money Coins


Reinforce currency recognition, monetary value and making change with these realistic US coins.

Grade K-4

10800 Pennies Set of 100 

10802 Nickels Set of 100 

10804 Dimes Set of 100 

10806 Quarters Set of 100

10808 Hald Dollars Set of 50 

10810 Sacajawea Dollars Set of 50  

  • Product Code : US coins
  • Product Code : 10810Sacajawea Dollars Package of 50
  • Product Code : 10808Half Dollars Package of 50
  • Product Code : 10806Quarters Package of 100
  • Product Code : 10804Dimes Package of 100
  • Product Code : 10802Nickels Package of 100
  • Product Code : 10800Pennies Package of 100

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Money Pocket Chart

Money Pocket Chart

Show money combinations and values on this unique pocket chart. Eight separate rows make displaying classroom coins and bills a snap. Perfect for teaching solutions and methods. Made of sturdy material with grommets. 191/2"' x 121/4"'. Money not included.

MERF Money Counter and Rods

MERF Money Counter and Rods

Teach coin recognition, coin value, and other basic money skills using this unique tool. Each coin rodís length relates to the corresponding coinís value. The relationship between coins and their value is clearly illustrated this way. Counting coin combinations, making change and other challenging money questions will be visually clear for every student. The MERF Money Counter and Rods set includes one 21" coin-counting ruler with an adjustable sliding piece, 59 coin rod manipulatives and a teacher manual with interactive money games. This MERF Coin Counter and Rod set can be used with real coins.
Ages 4+.

Mini Money Tray

Mini Money Tray

This mini money tray with a see-through lid includes; 50 pennies, 50 nickels, 50 dimes, 40 quarters, 25 half-dollar coins, 25 one dollar coins, 25 one dollar bills, 20 five dollar bills, 20 ten dollar bills, 20 twenty dollar bills, 5 fifty dollar bills and 10 one hundred dollar bills.